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Hi, Guten Tag, Hola!


My name is Rich Vogt, I was born in Australia to a German father and Spanish/Philippino mother and I had the unique experience of growing  up on a small Island in the Gulf of Carpenterria, Groote Eylandt. My childhood was filled with amazing adventures of camping, fishing and tonnes of sport. The diverse backgrounds of my parents instilled in me a curiosity about the world which made me want to travel, and to learn about as many different cultures and languages as possible. 

Fortunately, for a good 10 years of my adult life I’ve had the privilege of living as an expat. For those of you that don't really know what that means; Webster's Dictionary defines it as "to leave one's native country to live elsewhere" essentially moving to a foreign land and making it your new home either temporarily or indefinitely. If you're fortunate enough to land a senior management job with a big international company, as I was, this means earning big bucks while usually living in a country where the cost of living is a fraction of the cost in Australia. Unfortunately, I got stuck in this ambitious battle for position and financial dominance while living this financially Rich Life and I quickly lost sight of my passions and what truly makes me happy.  

Living and working in Europe for 2 years, South-East Asia for 6 years and West Africa for 2 years, I have seen a lot; the extreme poverty, enormous class divides, unreasonable and unnecessary violence, corruption and deceit. On the flip side, there were a lot more positive things associated with my time as an expat. I had the opportunity to travel to most countries in South East Asia and numerous countries around the globe. I have learnt languages along the way, experienced wonderful cultures and food, met amazing people and made dear lifelong friends. 

It was a great life but something was missing. Some would say I was living the dream and sometimes I really thought I was, but with all dreams, you have to wake up and reality hits you in the face.

My wake up call was my health.

With a high paying job comes huge responsibilities, accountability and long working days; all of which come with an intense level of stress. Combined with long periods of sitting in an office, on planes or stuck in Jakarta traffic for 2-3 hours a day, plus endless buffet food and alcohol, unsurprisingly I put on weight. My cholesterol and blood pressure went through the roof, my visceral fat levels were at their limits and I started to have heart issues. 

The more my work responsibilities increased the more my health deteriorated. I was sleep deprived, my social life diminished, and I had no time to appreciate the unique places I lived in. The financial Rich Life I was living was becoming meaningless and my life overseas became miserable. Realising the true value of life, I made the decision to return to Australia and pursue something more fulfilling.

I chose to follow one of my true passions - fitness. I have always been a fit and active person. In my teenage years I was selected for the Australian junior men’s volleyball squad, I trained at the Australian Institute of Sport with my squad for 3 years and was eventually successful in making the Australian team. I also played volleyball in Germany in their National League and have represented the Northern Terrritory on several occasions. My sporting achievements also span to include swimming and athletics. With such a strong background in sport and fitness I decided to complete a certificate 3 & 4 in fitness through Charles Darwin University, where I was awarded the most outstanding student award and received the Vice Chancellors medal for outstanding achievement. I was also awarded runner up as the vocational student of the year at the 2017 NT Trainers Awards.

Using this new qualification, along with my business management acumen, I plan to not only expand on my rediscovered values of being healthy and living a balanced life, but I want to coach and give other people, especially those in need, the opportunity of also "finding balance" in life.

I want to share how I improved my outlook on life and learnt how to be happier and healthier by using a holistic approach encompassing my passions in life; fitness, wellbeing, nutrition, yoga, dance, music & travel.

I look forward to exploring, with you, how positive thinking, following your passions and surrounding yourself with like-minded people can help you have loads of fun, find real happiness and in essence, a meaningful Rich Life. It's my intention to work with you to help spread this vision throughout our community and then across the seas to build a better tomorrow for us and all that exist on our planet. It's time to give back!


In 2017 Rich Vogt was runner up as VET student of the year at the NT Training Awards.
He also won the Vice Chancellors  medal for academic excellence at Charles Darwin University.
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