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If you choose to join one of our Rich Life travel retreats in beautiful Bali, Timor or Sri Lanka you will have the opportunity to take part in our "Ocean awareness" movement.

We will take you on snorkelling trips around the gorgeous island of Bali to experience beautiful marine life and coral reefs. Our tours are guided by our resident marine biologist who can answer any ocean questions you may have. One thing that makes our tours unique is that we 'give back' to the reef by safely collecting any rubbish that may float by. All the ocean trash we collect is sorted and disposed of responsibly so that it doesn't end up back in the ocean. We are hoping this Rich Life initiative will spark a global movement for all snorkelers or divers in the world to help clean up the oceans of the world and protect the delicate marine life that lives in it.

RLHF is also in the process of producing environmentally friendly and biodegradable products in a further effort to help preserve our planet. We will update you with more details and on our progress, soon! 

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