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The 6 top reasons why you never go to the gym

At the start of every year most gyms have big membership discounts and chances are you may already know why and may have signed up to a few in the past:

  • New Years resolutions

  • Post holiday motivation

  • Christmas lunch, pudding and all those drinks

Well someone in the world of big marketing worked it out and now Feb fit promotions get more air time on the radio than a Taylor Swift song.

What matters to you though when you're looking for a membership? Have you actually thought about it, becasue chances are your shopping around to find the cheapest. That's mistake number 1.

Cheap gyms are full gyms

You weren't the only person in Darwin to get a free month or 50% when you signed up. Chances are that hundreds of other people joined up on the same deal. You can be sure that the peak times before and after work are going to be crowded and you will quickly lose your motivation when you have to wait for equipment to be available.


Low price, low accountability

Every week when that $15-20 leaves your account again, it won't magically spark motivation to go to the gym. Adopting the mindset and telling yourself that you'll go to gym if you're paying for it - complete lie!
You won't - recipe for failure.


Cleanliness and sweat

Ever been in a gym and noticed dusty machines and sweat on the floor? Firstly eww, secondly how is there that much?!

If the gym isn't clean and inviting you will likely avoid going. If the main cleaning regime is members wiping the equipment down - forget it, that place is dirty, not attending.


Busy classes or not enough of them

Classes are a great way to meet new people or attend with friends and feel a sense of achievement in completing a workout in a group, except when they are always full.

Morning and afternoon classes will always be busy. If you joined a gym without checking the class timetable or if you have to pay extra for the good classes it makes it hard. You can only stay vigilant constantly booking classes in advance for so long.


Beefy blokes and the sound of metal

Note to the gym bros: No one is impressed by you dropping the weight stack at the end of every set. It's annoying, its startling and please stop all the grunting it makes people uncomfortable. You're the reason that everyone now wears noise cancelling headphones in the gym. No more treadmill, I'll just walk outside instead - goodbye gym.


Lack of progress

A lot of people when they join the gym for the first time get welcomed in, do a couple of classes and then they are left to work things out. The 17 year old at reception that's glued to their phone won't help you and if you want advice from a Personal Trainer, pay an extra $100. If you don't have a program or a gym routine, you'll gradually stop going.

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